With wooden surfaces, autumnal shades and open, natural lighting high on the agenda for contemporary bathroom designers, bringing the outside in has never been so important. Made increasingly popular by influencers across the globe, house plants have become the latest to join the outdoor’s indoor scene as a quick, easy and effective fix for freshening up the bathroom.

As we look to recreate that sought-after, lounge-like haven, the recent influx of living room furniture has gone hand-in-hand with a range of indoor and outdoor plants; living proof of the bathroom becoming an extension of the house (and indeed the garden).

For smaller bathrooms, hanging baskets and wall mounted shelving can provide the perfect location for spider plants and air plants as they require little attention, obtaining most of their water from moisture in the air. For larger bathrooms, small wooden stools and tables can offer a more aesthetically-pleasing home for ferns, orchids or aloe vera, each thriving in humidity and moderate light. Alternatively, the full-bodied snake plant or cast iron plant can happily reside in a complementary pot on the floor.

For those who liken their shower space to a personal rainforest retreat, Chinese evergreens and dragon plants would be an ideal choice for your bathroom, flourishing in steam and low-lit areas. Whilst bamboo plants epitomise the fascinating colour, form and size that plants can bring to interior design.

An infusion of greenery won’t just breathe new life into your bathroom, it will breathe new life into you. By reducing airbourne pollutants and mould, indoor plants can ultimately improve and purify our air, aiding general well-being and diminishing indoor contaminants.

As the bathroom continues its quest to become the spa-like sanctuary we all so desire, plants can also play a vital role in reducing stress levels and revitalising your mind. Their multitude of scents and colours enriching the bathroom experience to make your evening bath that little more exotic and uplifting.

So if you’re ready to create a natural, relaxing environment which will aid you and your bathroom design, a combination of foliage could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Their rich, green allure, beautiful aromas and undoubted health benefits will not only introduce subtle design flourishes to your home, but a refreshing energy to your home experience.

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