From smart speakers reciting our favourite recipe to controlling our lighting and central heating with a mobile phone, the need for digital technology throughout the home has become almost ubiquitous in the modern age. Combined with our ‘time conscious’ lifestyle in which we demand automatic control and ease of use, the home as we know it has officially become ‘The Smart Home’.

Now, as we become fully submerged within the digital age, an abundance of innovative appliances are striving to stake their claim within our bathroom retreat. Wriggling free from its ‘gimmick shackles’, digital technology is introducing far greater benefits to the bathroom experience.

For improved efficiency, visual clarity and an enriched digital experience, digital shower valves tick every box. Their coloured LED screens and numerical temperature and flow gauge can provide you with precise readings of your optimum shower, whilst multicoloured temperature signalling will offer a clear, visual indication of the temperature you’re showering at. Memory settings also remain at the core of every great digital valve. From saving temperature, flow and time preferences to storing multiple settings for each member of the family, memory settings look to offer convenience at the touch of a button.

Combining these modern, must-have essentials, the Sensori collection by VADO embraces digital innovation, offering maximum control to the user. Whilst the Sensori SmartTouch features a vivid LED display and touch sensitive control, the Sensori SmartDial boasts memory shower settings, ambient lighting and a unique, compact form. View each product at the bottom of this page.

As some products aim to revolutionise the showering experience, others succeed in introducing entertainment. No longer must you slowly awaken to the sound of splashing water during your morning routine. Instead, music can now be streamed direct from your shower head as integrated Bluetooth speakers find their place in the modern bathroom.

Though its not only showering products that are filled with nifty gadgets. Smart mirrors are set to be one of the most notable rising trends this year as they look to provide more than just a mirror image. Motion sensors will allow hand gestures to control in-mirror lighting whilst screen heating will put a stop to condensation and an end to visible, grubby hand marks. For those looking to remain online 24/7, smart mirrors will also look to display on-screen news, calendar and email alerts; a clear reflection of our modern culture.

Tying each of these innovations together is the power of voice control. Mastered by the likes of Apple, Google and Amazon, voice control denies the need for touching any of your bathroom appliances and cross compatibility now ensures your smart speaker can conduct your digital experience.

The power of bathroom innovation has not only led to ground-breaking functional qualities, but has delivered cutting-edge designs to complement the contemporary setting. Adhering to minimalist design trends, compact shower valves and wireless appliances ensure yesteryear’s sizeable control panels are quickly becoming a distant memory. With voice control, single button shower valves and motion sensors now able to control our day-to-day appliances, digital devices have become smaller and sleeker.

Adding to the depth of personalisation now available, advancements in PVD coating has allowed the industry to manufacture digital products in multiple finishes for a unified bathroom appearance. Digital shower valves with black, bronze and nickel exteriors can now complete the modern-industrial look with gold also an option for inspiring a sense of luxury; a defining move which could see digital appliances take preference over traditional alternatives.

As advancements in technology continue to shape our modern world, the quality of digital bathroom appliances are drastically improving each day. Offering the functional benefits to enhance the way we live and the visual allure to complement and make a statement in your bathroom design, digital products are undoubtedly succeeding in enriching our bathroom experience. Despite contemporary aesthetics and intuitive functionality, bathroom technology is still in its infancy; an exciting prospect for the next wave of modern appliances.

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